Surprising Uses For Vicks VapoRub You’ll Want To Know

Have you ever heard of the ‘magic cure’? The product that has so many uses, you’ll hardly need anything else in your medicine cabinet. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about Vicks VapoRub.

You’re missing out if you haven’t heard of it before. This all-around menthol topical ointment can be used to relieve the symptoms of the common cold, moisturize your skin, and even make some basic home products. The best parts are that it’s entirely natural and easy to find in any local store.

Continue reading to find out more about how you can use Vicks VapoRub yourself.

1. Gets Rid Of Earaches


Earaches can be quite uncomfortable to deal with and can affect your entire day. This is a very common occurrence and most people get concerned when they have to face unpleasant ear pain or infection. If you frequently suffer from earaches, you’ll understand that the pain is real. Finding the right solution to minimize the pain can be difficult, but with VapoRub, you can stop looking. Apply the product to a cotton ball and gently apply it to your ear, and your pain should be reduced quickly. You will start noticing the effects right away and your ear will feel relieved and you will be carrying on with your day. So, next time you get a slight earache, don’t panic and look for your reliable VapoRub.

2. Take Away Any Joint Pain2. Relieve Joint Pain

Most of us are quite used to physical activity to get all the chores done, but our muscles can get sore at any time. It doesn’t matter if you have a healthy and fit lifestyle, joint pain can start of nowhere if you ever end up overexerting your muscles. Whether you’re young or old, anyone can suffer from joint pain. It’s uncomfortable and can make moving around a chore. You might find it difficult to get back to your daily life and resort to using painkillers to help with your joints. But applying VapoRub to the affected areas of your body will work as an analgesic and offer temporary relief. If the pain persists for days or even weeks, you may want to contact your doctor.

3. Wipe Off Eye Makeup3. Remove Eye Makeup

When your eye makeup is perfect, you may never want to take it off. However, it’s something that has to be done, and with products like waterproof mascara, your standard wipe won’t work. You might have to invest in drugstore make-up or buy expensive make-up removing products to get rid of the mess. However, this is not an easy task because most of these products end up leaving a lot of residues and don’t make the job easier. That’s when you want to use VapoRub on a cotton pad and gently wipe your makeup off while avoiding getting the product into your eye. Due to VapoRub’s thick consistency, your make up will come right off and your eyes won’t have any leftover product and your face will be all fresh and clean!

4. Practice AromatherapyA White Oil Diffuser / Humidifier In A Domestic Setting

Sometimes we all need time to sit back, relax, and unwind. One of the best ways to do this is to practice aromatherapy. We invest in aroma diffusers and dehumidifiers, but that’s not where it ends. You will also need to purchase different kinds of essential oils so you can take benefit of the aroma but we have something that you can easily find in your house. Since VapoRub comes with a strong menthol scent, you can place it in any dehumidifier and gift your house with a brand-new smell. To top things off, it’ll also ensure your home doesn’t get too dry. So, instead of going out to buy a new essential oil, you can breathe fresh air with VapoRub’s menthol scent and it will be just as effective.

5. Get Rid Of Itchy Skin5. Relieve Itchy Skin

Do you suffer from a skin condition that makes you itch? Or maybe you’ve just encountered a mosquito or poison ivy plant? Either way, itching can be extremely uncomfortable and lead to various other wounds if you scratch too much. Itchy skin can be so frustrating that we will resort to any lengths just to feel some relief. However, any quick fixes can just aggravate the situation and leave you with something more to deal with. Luckily, VapoRub is great at soothing irritated skin and reducing its itchiness. Apply it to the affected area and wait for it to calm down. Your skin will finally be able to breathe because VapoRub will get rid of the itchiness right away. It also works as a great moisturizer so no more dry skin!

6. Dislodge A Splinter6. Remove Splinters

There’s nothing worse than realizing you have a splinter in your hand or foot. You may start worrying about how you’ll possibly get it out, or if it will ever get out. You might come across many weird solutions across the internet but if not done right, it can just make the situation worse. Getting a splinter out with your bare hands or using a tweezer is not always successful because you just end up losing the splinter and the problem gets worse. However, it can come out easily with the right solution, like VapoRub. Instead of using tweezers that can cause more pain, rub some of this ointment into the area, and the splinter should pop out. With this solution, you can relax right away.

7. Take Care Of Bad Smells7. Cover Up Smells

Do you have an unpleasant smell in your house that just won’t go away? Well, this is a common problem and no amount of perfumes or sprays will get rid of it completely. You need something stronger that will not only mask the bad smell but make it disappear. However, most solutions always leave a residual smell that can be just as strong on your sense. On the other hand, VapoRub will come to your rescue in situations like this. While VapoRub may not be able to get rid of the foul smell that surrounds you, it can stop you from smelling it. That’s right; if you place a little VapoRub on your top lip, under your nose, you will only be able to smell its menthol scent. You can top it up until you’re out of the vicinity of the bad odor.

8. Soothe Cooking Burns8. Relieve Burns From Cooking

Do you know that instant pain you feel when you touch a hot plate or pan? The pain can be so intense that you will be stuck looking for quick fixes. You might try something that is not recommended to treat a burn and you will end up with skin that’s not only seething but coming apart as well. Well, VapoRub can help with that straight away. It’s a product known for alleviating pain from cooking burns. You need to make sure you apply it as soon as you’ve burnt yourself and continue twice a day until it’s healed. Since this product has an immediate cooling effect, your cooking burn will calm right down and you won’t feel the pain anymore. Just make sure that you put the right amount to cover the entire burn.

9. Double As A Moisturizer0zMPkRx

Taking care of your skin can be quite expensive as most of the products are not budget-friendly at all. You might be buying the most expensive moisturizers but don’t notice a difference when you use them on your skin. This can frustrate anyone and some of these products might even have side effects on your skin as not everything suits everyone. Lucky for you, we have got a solution that won’t cost you so much. If you’ve got a tub of VapoRub in your medicine cabinet, you may want to consider incorporating it into your daily skincare routine. Its moisturizing properties will ensure your skin stays soft and prevents it from drying up during the colder months. Your skin will feel hydrated and smooth right away.

10. Give It A Test Run

Test It Out First

Just like when you need a patch test at a salon before dying your hair, it’s always best to sample a skin product before using it on the rest of your body. Test runs are essential when it comes to trying out any new product. Whether it’s your hair or any part of your skin, you need to make sure that your body has a positive reaction to it. You might not know if you’re allergic to any of the substances found in a product. So if you’re considering using VapoRub as your new moisturizer, apply it to a small section of your skin first and see how it reacts. If everything is fine after 24 hours, then you’re okay to start using it every day. Just look for any signs such as redness, itching, or a new breakout. Once, you know your skin reacts well to VapoRub, you can use it as part of your skincare.

11. Bid Farewell To Dry ScalpGet Rid Of Dry Scalp

Are you one of the many sufferers of dry scalp? A dry scalp does not only lead to dandruff but can give you an itchy surface all over and that can be the most frustrating thing. You might start thinking about changing all your hair products or buying new ones to combat your dry scalp but do you have any guarantee they will work? So, your best option is to try something that is already available in your household. So if you need to get rid of dry scalp, you will benefit significantly from massaging VapoRub into your scalp a few times a week. After a few applications, you’ll find that your head is less flaky, and any discomfort will start to disappear. Just ensure you leave it in overnight each time you apply it.

12. Get Rid Of Bruises Faster

Help Heal Bruise

We’ve all found bruises on our bodies and have no idea where they came from. However, they can often hurt when touched or are just bad to look at. Bruises can ruin your skin’s aesthetic appearance and you will do anything to make it go away faster. Some people try all kinds. of products to speed up the process but it only ends up making the situation worse. You don’t want an allergic reaction on top of a bruise so you need something that won’t harm your skin. If you don’t want to wait two weeks for the healing process to finish, you can always use some VapoRub to speed things up. Apply it to the bruise, and it should disappear much more quickly. Moreover, the cooling effect of VapoRub will give you some relief as well.

13. Treat Dry LipsSoothe Chapped Lips

Some people suffer from chapped lips during the cold months, and it can be a nightmare to deal with. They try all the standard chapsticks for sale in their local drugstore, but most never seem to work. That’s because most of these lip balms and chapstick are created in a way to give you a false sense of hydration and they don’t actually treat your dry lips. You might feel the effect when you first use them but after some time, your lips will feel drier than ever. But there’s a common household product that has impressive moisturizing qualities. VapoRub has been proven to soothe dry lips, helping keep them moist and soft all year round. Not only does this product hydrate your lips, it seals in all the moisture so your lips don’t get dry ever again.

14. Apply As An AntisepticUse As Antiseptic

Sometimes we cut or graze ourselves and don’t have anything in the house to treat the wound. You might even get a papercut and it will be a very uncomfortable situation because your skin won’t calm down. But instead of panicking, you should try using some household products. But how do you know that the product will be effective? Well, if you can find a tub of VapoRub in the back of your cupboard, you’re in luck. VapoRub can work perfectly as an antiseptic. Ensure your wound is completely clean before applying the ointment, gently with a soft applicator. Your wound won’t be as painful anymore and the antiseptic qualities will get rid of any infections you might be worried about.

15. Remove And Prevent Nail FungusNo More Nail Fungus

Once you’ve developed weak and brittle nails, getting them back to their original strength can be challenging. The main cause of this is nail fungus, which is a nightmare to remove without the right product. Nail fungus is something that keeps coming back unless you get rid of all the infectious material. You might get rid of the entire nail and try different products but they won’t prove to be that effective. Your nail fungus will likely keep coming back unless all the infectious material is gone away. Luckily, VapoRub can remove and prevent the fungus from occurring when you regularly apply it. It has impressive antiseptic properties that can get to the root cause of the fungus and get rid of it.

16. Alleviate Muscle PainRelieve Muscle Pain

Although painful muscles are a strong indicator of a great workout session, they can be uncomfortable to deal with. You might be new to working out and when your muscles get sore, it will stop you from developing a fitness routine and get in the way of your daily life. Most people end up waiting a few days until the soreness has settled down to get back to working out but the problem will likely keep coming back because your body will not be used to so much exertion. If you want to speed up your recovery process, apply some VapoRub to the area that hurts, and it should automatically relieve the pain. When the pain is gone, you can go back to gym right away and get in the best shape!

17. Minimize Painful Sunburn

Sunburn Relief

We all think it’s a good idea to lie in the sun without sunscreen, even for a few minutes, so that we can catch a tan. However, this plan often goes sideways, leaving us with a red and painful sunburn. This problem not only ruins your entire appearance but can be quite painful to deal with. That’s because sunburnt skin is more vulnerable and can get worse if it’s not created right away. Your skin will feel more sensitive if it’s exposed to the harmful sun rays but you can’t just hide under the shade forever. You need a quick fix that will soothe your skin but also get rid of the scar left by the sunburn. Like aloe vera and aftersun, VapoRub can alleviate any symptoms of sunstroke and reduce the chance of your skin peeling.

18. Wipe Off LipstickRemove Lipstick

We all are used to applying makeup products on a daily basis but removing them can be quite a struggle. For instance, most mascaras and eyeshadows tend to leave a stain when you use makeup-removing products on them and that doesn’t leave your skin all clean. However, there’s a commonly available and affordable product that will get rid of even the most stubborn makeup. Just like with eye makeup, VapoRub can easily remove lipstick after a long day. While some lip products can be removed with a wipe or bit of tissue, some may be a bit more tricky. If you find your lipstick is stubborn, apply your VapoRub to a cotton pad and gently remove it. This product will ensure that there’s no leftover lipstick left on your lips and it won’t stain at all.

19. Reduce Appearance Of Acne

Acne Medication

There’s nothing worse than waking up with a breakout on your skin, especially if you have a big event coming up. Acne breakouts are one of the most annoying things we have all experienced at some point in our lives. We all try looking for quick fixes that get rid of stubborn pimples on our faces and make it all clear again but they are not all as effective as we think. Even if you manage to get rid of the breakout, you might still have a nasty and annoying acne scar left. If you’re looking for a good solution, you may want to try using VapoRub to reduce the appearance of any blemishes or acne. There’s no promise it will work, but it’s always worth a try. Instead of buying an expensive acne treatment, you can try giving this product a chance!

20. Rid Yourself Of Warts

Wart Relief

Warts can become quite a nuisance once they’ve popped up, especially since it can seem nearly impossible to remove one. This can not only be painful for some people but the amount of discomfort it causes can’t be described. Some people have such a hard time dealing with warts, that they will resort to aggressive solutions to get rid of them. But this only irritates your skin more and doesn’t help anyone. Once you’ve reached your wit’s end, you may want to consider using VapoRub. Apply the ointment to the affected area and wrap it with a piece of cloth or bandage, so it can’t breathe. This will not only prevent you from scratching the wart but also provides an environment where the wart can’t survive and gets rid of it.

21. Deter Insects

Insect Repellant

Insects are something that can be annoying for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you’re not scared of them or not. Chances are that if you find any insects in your house, it means that they’re probably feasting on something and have built a house there. This can not only affect your hygiene but lead to diseases as well because insects love hanging around dirty and toxic spaces. Forget about bug spray because VapoRub is the new insect repellent that people are using. For your next camping trip, you will benefit from applying VapoRub to all exposed areas of your skin to prevent yourself from being bitten by pests. Whether you’re surrounded by mosquitoes or annoying flies that won’t go away, VapoRub will take of the problem.

22. Maintain A Youthful GlowTighten And Brighten Skin

We all want to reverse any signs of aging we come across on our skin but this is that easy. You might be seeing new forehead lines forming or there are new wrinkles, this can make anyone panic because it’s an obvious sign of aging. We all want radiant and youthful-looking skin without ever having to deal with the process of getting old. However, this is something we can’t control but we can minimize any signs we see. Everyone wants to stay young forever, and using VapoRub as a moisturizer is the next best thing. Not only does it help with dryness, but it can brighten and tighten your skin, ensuring it keeps its youthful glow. So, keep your skin looking fresh and hydrated with VapoRub, and don’t worry about any new wrinkles.

23. Helps Fade Stretch MarksHelps With Stretch Marks

Stretch marks and cellulite are something we all experience in our lives because it’s just a normal thing our bodies do. But, not all of us like the appearance of stretch marks, and it can affect anyone’s self-esteem. There might be new outfits that you want to try but can’t because of your stretch marks but we have a solution for you. If you have bothersome stretch marks that you’d like to reduce the appearance of, you may want to keep your body moisturized using VapoRub. As your body grows, the ointment will ensure your skin stays soft and help contribute toward removing your stretch marks. So, not only your skin will be hydrated, but soon you won’t notice any annoying stretch marks.

24. Make A Bath BombDIY Bath Bomb

We all want to have the most relaxing baths as we try to unwind after a long day of work. But all the bath products these days can be quite expensive. So, instead of relaxing, you might get more worried as you shuffle through all the million choices. Take your bath time to the next level with a DIY bath bomb. Not only are they fun to look at as they fizz up, but they also smell amazing and make your time in the water more enjoyable. Just mix water, cornstarch, and VapoRub together before sculpting it into a ball and let it harden overnight. Once you’re done, you can use it in your bath the next day and you will feel calm. The smell isn’t so bad either because it has menthol so rest assured, your body will be fresh and clean.

25. Try It For Something NewPotential New Method

While the most advertised use of VapoRub is to apply it to your chest to reduce feeling congested, there are other ways you can use it to do the same thing. We have covered many different ways you can make use of your VapoRub but it all comes down to you being creative. Use it as an ointment or a moisturizer, it all depends on you. Some people have started applying the product to the bottoms of their feet when they have a cold. They’ll then put on some socks to stay warm and minimize their symptoms. So, if you don’t feel comfortable lathering up your chest with this product, you can just use it on your feet and get rid of the cold you have. It will be just as effective and you can just wipe it away once you feel better.

26. Helps With Rosacea & EczemaHelps With Rosacea & Eczema

Rosacea and eczema are two frustrating skin conditions that can cause great discomfort. They often dry out the skin, leaving it cracked and painful. These skin problems can make it hard for you to step out into public without worrying about what people will say and look at you. As these conditions are quite obvious, they can affect anyone’s self-confidence. However, if you feel like you have tried out all your options and still can’t find an effective solution, we have something great for you. When you apply VapoRub to your affected areas, the camphor and eucalyptus ingredients will work together to reduce any inflammation. It will provide a calming effect too so you don’t feel as uncomfortable anymore.

27. Moisturize Your Feet

Relieve Dry Feet

How many of you have dealt with cracked heels and skin? This can get worse during the winter and daily used moisturizers don’t seem to have any effect. Your feet will feel dry and the skin will be hard and rough to touch and it can be an unpleasant feeling. Well, you don’t have to keep dealing with it because we have the perfect solution. VapoRub doesn’t just work as a moisturizer for your face; it can also work perfectly for reducing the appearance and discomfort of dry feet. You can get rid of cracked and sore feet by gently rubbing the ointment into their soles before placing comfortable socks on and keeping them on overnight. This will make the skin very soft and work like a charm!

28. Relieve MigrainesMigraine Relief

When you feel a migraine coming on, you may feel a sense of panic appear too. If you have made any plans throughout the day, you just feel yourself being unable to commit to anything at all. Not only is the situation quite painful, but you can also start feeling nauseous and weak. Migraines can end up disrupting the entire day for you and you feel like the only solution is to stay in your room all day. They can be one of the most uncomfortable things in the world, but if you massage some VapoRub into your temples, you can help ease the pain. You won’t have to deal with the side effects of your miragine anymore as VapoRub will gently take away the discomfort.

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