6 Cleaning Myths That Don’t Actually Work—Plus 2 That

1. More is Better

Depending on the particular surface is that is being cleaned, often times a smaller amount of solution will be far more effective than soaking your surface. Using more solution than is actually needed will often result in leaving a sticky residue behind and of course cost you more money in wasted products. Do your research and follow directions before assuming that more is better, it will save you time and money!

2. One plus one equals better

While mixing solutions together can sometimes be great for DIY cleaners, if you don’t have a basic background in chemistry than one plus one could actually equal deadly! If you’re going to try your hand at a little DIY  cleaning mix, please research. Even combining one brand of bleach with another can be dangerous. So if in doubt, don’t mix anything at all and stick to one product.

Never mix an acidic base with an alkali base product! Here are a few major combinations to steer clear of:

  • Bleach and Ammonia
  • Bleach and Vinegar
  • Detergents and Disinfectants that Contain Quaternary Ammonia

3. If it says it’s green then it’s Eco friendly

While wanting to protect the environment and our family is fantastic, some companies see this as an opportunity to take advantage. Sometimes a label will mention “green” or a similar word but the ingredients are far from what we think we are actually buying. Make a habit of reading the ingredient labels on your products and if you’re still unsure of an ingredient then whip out your phone and do a quick google search before throwing that item in your trolley.

The same goes for any services that advertise themselves as a “green” (or similar) company. Do your research and ask them directly to verify that they really are an eco friendly service. We Pride ourselves in our environmentally friendly services and we know all the cleaning myths there is to know.

4. Always wash in cold water

Cold water is a great way to save on your electricity bill, and while it cleans our clothes well it doesn’t kill bacteria or germs. We recommend that every second wash day you should use warm/hot water to kill the bacteria in your clothes, and more often when your family has been unwell.

5. “I can clean anything with vinegar”

We’re huge supporters for using vinegar to clean most things. It’s cheap, its cheap, natural and tough on bacteria; but like anything, you need to do your research before just using it on any surface you want to clean. On some surfaces such as hardwood and wax flooring, it can actually damage them. While most surfaces are safe to use vinegar on, you need to conduct a little research before you potentially do more harm than good.

6. Bleach is best

While it’s true that bleach is effective in wiping out everything in its path, it’s also incredibly unsafe to use. We all know that a high concentration of bleach can burn our nose, throat and eyes; but what we don’t realise is that even a carefully diluted solution of bleach won’t stop the toxic chemicals from harming our family, pets and wildlife.

So remember to research everything before just assuming, because knowing these cleaning myths could save you time, money and your safety!

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