Why you should start the morning with a glass of warm water and a banana

Glass of warm water and a banana

Weight loss is aided by beginning each day with a glass of warm water and a banana. This is due to the fact that bananas aid digestion and metabolism. When you eat a banana with a glass of warm water, the fibre in the banana is easier to digest. A glass of warm water is preferable than a glass of cold water since warm water is already at body temperature and does not make you feel nauseous when consumed on an empty stomach.

Helps with weight loss

When you combine this breakfast with a nutritious diet for the rest of the day, enough exercise, and just a moderate amount of alcohol, you will find that weight reduction is stimulated. When you eat a banana first thing in the morning, you get a long feeling of satisfaction. Furthermore, it partially inhibits glucose absorption, making it an ideal fruit to include in a diet.

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