How To Reduce Dust In Your Home

It can be really hard to keep the dust down in your house. It’s not impossible though! So here are over thirty ideas to help reduce dust in your home.

1) Brush your pets more frequently

Pets are one of the major causes of dust in our home. Not only is their hair a challenge to deal with, but they also have dust caught and hidden on their bodies between their hair.

Especially if you have a very furry pet, you want to be dusting your pet as often as possible to help to get rid of some dust from your home.

2) Ditch the carpet and rugs

Carpets and rugs keep dust hanging around in your house. If you use less or get rid of these totally, you will be providing fewer places for dust to reside in your home.

3) Keep mat at the doorway

A mat at the entrance of your home will save you a lot of headaches. You don’t have to use one with fabric or material that is hard to sanitize.

You can even use a plastic mat just for the sake of being able to dust your shoes before entering your home.

4) Don’t wear the same shoes inside and outside

If you wear the same shoes outdoors and inside of your house, you will simply be carrying the outside right on the inside of your home, which includes a lot of dust. Make sure to have a different pair of shoes to be worn only on the inside if you need or prefer to wear shoes inside your house.

5) Give visitors socks to put on

For those visitors who do not want to go barefooted, give them a pair of socks to wear while at your home. You will be keeping out dust while making your visitors comfortable.

6) Don’t put on shoes until you are ready to leave out when getting ready

While getting ready, you can get your house messed up with dust if you choose to put on your shoes before you are ready to go through the door.

Especially if the bottom of those shoes have dust on them, do wait until you are ready to take your leave before putting of your shoes.

7) Let maintenance guys put shower cap over their shoes

Maintenance guys don’t usually like to take off their shoes. There is an easy fix for that by giving them shower caps to put over their shoes so they don’t take in dust and bacteria on their shoes.



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