Low-Carb Flax Bread

4 ingredient 2 minute keto flax bread recipe

This easy keto flaxseed bread recipe takes just 10 minutes to prep! It tastes like a nutty multi-grain bread, without any grains. Just 3g net carbs per slice!


This keto flax bread is a healthy bread made with nutritious almond flour and flax seed meal. It’s keto, low carb, and naturally gluten-free!

The flax imparts a slightly nutty flavor to the bread, it’s delicious.

Prep. time: 10 minutes / Cook time: 15 minutes / Serves 8


1 oz. Almond flour 11⁄2 Flaxseed
1 tsp. Baking powder Salt, to taste
1⁄2 tsp. Vinegar

4 drops Liquid stevia
3 oz. Raw whisked egg
1 fl. oz. Coconut oil or butter (melted)


1. Mix together all the dry ingredients, then mix the wet ones. 2. Stir dry ingredients with wet ones.
3. Spread the dough into a lightly oiled form.
4. Bake at 350 °F degrees for 8–10 minutes.


Calories: 35. Fat: 42 g. Protein: 14 g. Carbs: 6

Source : Michael Stewart – The complete Keto Diet

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