She cuts into a lemon and puts it next to her bed and here is why

Antiseptic properties

The fragrance of a lemon contains antibacterial characteristics that can affect your mood. This means that the aroma of the fruit might make you feel less depressed and anxious, as well as generate a happy ambience in the room. Only a handful of lemons are required for this feat. Remove the top of one lemon and stand it upright, sliced side up. Next, using a sharp knife, cut both ways into the top of the fruit, as shown on the first page. Take care not to totally separate the components. Place the cut lemon in a basin next to your bed and enjoy the aroma. If you want to make this technique even more effective, put a cut-up lemon in a bowl in each room.


If feeling more relaxed and less nervous isn’t enough of a motivation to attempt this technique, there’s one more. Inhaling the golden fruit’s citrus scent will boost your mental activity. When you smell this scent every day, you will become more focused and your memory will improve. Bringing a lot of lemons to work is also a smart idea, because when there’s a lemony smell around, people make less mistakes and work more efficiently.

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